The refrigerator is a wonderful invention, but it’s not a miracle preserver for every type of food. The following food items just don’t fit in the fridge and should be kept either on the counter or in the freezer. Some may surprise you, while others you may already know of!


Honey is naturally anti-microbial and never goes bad. It does slowly crystallize, cloud up and lose its flavor over time, however. Lower temperatures (i.e. the refrigerator) actually speed up this process.


Tomatoes lose their flavor, get bitter and get mushy when refrigerated. It’s OK to preserve the remnants of a sliced tomato in the fridge, but try to use it within a day or two.


The refrigerator actually dehydrates bread rapidly and makes it stale. It’s fine to freeze bread, however, as the moisture stays trapped inside.


As with tomatoes, onions will get soggy quickly when stored in a fridge. They also have the added bonus of stinking up the fridge and making every other unsealed item taste like onion. A sliced onion can be preserved in the fridge for a few days, but only inside of a sealed freezer bag.


Apples will get mushy in the fridge, but they’re an even bigger problem for certain other types of fruits and veggies in the crisper. That’s because they emit ethylene gas that will cause some other foods near them to decompose quickly.


The world’s favorite sugary spread should never be refrigerated. It will get too hard for a knife to penetrate. Nutella can keep for months at room temperature thanks to the sugar content and coconut oil.


Whether in bean form or ground, coffee will dehydrate quickly when stored in the fridge. Ground coffee will also soak up all sorts of flavors and odors that will make it taste funny when brewed.