For many, a refrigerator is the most important appliance in any home. Everyone in your house will quickly grow discontent should the fridge stop working. If you don’t fix it quickly, you run the risk of losing hundreds of dollars in spoiled groceries (or even food poisoning, if you don’t catch it soon enough).

Typically, when you’re having problems with your refrigerator, you’ll know it. If you have a home warranty, your best bet is to contact your warranty provider to set up a visit with a service technician – you’ll save a ton of money if the repair or replacement is covered under your plan.

1. The ice maker no longer makes ice.

Your ice maker should frequently make a churning noise while it produces more ice. With all their moving parts, built-in ice makers are known to cause problems for homeowners – the problem could be anything from a broken augur to a defective water valve. Fortunately, a professional should be able to identify any clogs or mechanical issues in no time.

2. The fridge is sweating, either inside or onto the floor.

The seals around your refrigerator should be able to keep moisture out even during humid summer months. You might notice excessive condensation within the fridge or leaking onto the floor if there’s a problem. In some cases, there are DIY solutions where you can re-seal the fridge yourself, assuming you have the necessary tools. That said, we recommend placing a claim if you’re covered by Select Home Warranty so we can find the solution for you.

3. The coils are burning hot on the back of the fridge.

If you can feel intense heat coming from behind the fridge, then it’s a sure sign you need a technician to check it out. The coils behind refrigerators are insulated and might need replacing. In the instance of overheating coils, your fridge is not operating efficiently – even dangerously.

When this happens, get an expert out to your home right away. A technician experienced in refrigerator repair will be able to advise whether replacing the coils is worth it, or if a new refrigerator would be the best solution. The older your fridge, the more likely you will be to need a replacement.

4.  Temperatures are either too high or too low.

Whether your fridge isn’t working hard enough and your food is spoiling or your freezer is over-doing it and leaving all your food ravaged with freezer burn, you should always be in control of the temperature.