Since forming over 70 years ago, Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers have become a luxury market leader. Their line runs the full gamut of cooling options: French-door, side-by-side, refrigerator columns, freezer columns, bottom freezers, and wine coolers. Amongst their most coveted models are fully integrated and panel-ready refrigerators. These are designed without protruding hinges and grills. They disappear into the kitchen décor and surrounding cabinetry.

Sub Zero’s feature rich, expertly engineered products come with a price tag, which generally scales towards the upper end of comparable appliances. To answer that question, we will have to pose another. 

What makes Sub-Zero refrigerators so special? 

Unsurprisingly the answer lies in their features. Like most things you pay for what you get. All refrigerators offer food storage and preservation, but how they do it can differ markedly. Sub-Zero uses a microprocessor, which monitors temperature and humidity levels along with usage to maintain precise control to one degree of the set temperature.

Other refrigerators have registered a far greater temperature swing. The difference in functionality can be profound.Another aspect of optimum food storage is that a cooled environment has to be maintained at all times.This is accomplished, in part, with a powerful magnetic door seal that lets absolutely no cold air escape the interior.

Separate Systems

Another contributing factor in maintaining ideal temperatures in their full-sized models is Sub-Zero’s unique Dual Cooling system. This utilizes two separate compressors for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. To understand why this is important, you need to know that fresh food needs to be stored in a 40 degree F environment with very slight humidity while frozen foods need to be stored at 32 degrees F in dry air to prevent freezer burn. With separate compressors, each compartment can be individually controlled.

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Sub-Zero’s antimicrobial air purification system, which automatically scrubs the air every 20 minutes, is viewed as a pioneering technique in the industry. It was first developed by NASA. Fresh foods emit ethylene gas which hastens spoilage.

Variety of Options

The sheer number of different Sub-Zero models means that there is bound to be something for

everyone, regardless of room configuration or aesthetic preference. They are, however, offered in three main varieties which are as follows: 

Built In

The built-in is considered the classic look for Sub-Zero refrigerators. These were the original concept and feature slightly protruding doors, which need an inset installation to be made flush. They require enough room for the doors to open and come in four configurations: column, 

French door, bottom freezer, and side-by-side.


Sub-Zero’s integrated, panel ready models are amongst their most highly regarded. With over almost limitless configuration options and the ability to accept custom cabinet panels, homeowners are able to dial in specific looks to match cabinetry and seamlessly blend in.